Appropriate Electronic Product’s Batteries

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Electronic Product’s Batteries

How to purchase appropriate battery for electronic products?

a. Firstly, choose battery type and size according to electronic product requirements, and decide to choose what kind of battery, rechargeable or non-rechargeable according to power consumption and features of electronic products. High-power consumption product, e.g. MP3, digital camera, electric shaver, electric massager, electric toy and other high-class electronic products, should choose alkaline battery; remote control, electric clock, radio etc with low power consumption should choose carbon battery to meet basic requirements.

b. Choose electronics battery with signs of “exempt- from-inspection” or “China famous brand”, or local famous brand.

c. Pay attention to batteries’ production date and warranty date. According to national standard requirement, battery should add code at the bottom of battery to sign warranty date.

d. Check battery appearance; do not use battery with leakage to avoid damaging electronic products.

e. Keep on eye on battery label: battery label should sign manufacturer, battery pole, model, rated voltage; logo etc.; sales package should contain factory address, production date, warranty, executive standard number etc. Check whether alkaline or LR is marked on alkaline battery.

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