Difference Between Primary Battery and Rechargeable Battery

2021-07-27 14:07:41    Pageview: 1575

1. What's the different between primary battery and rechargeable battery?

Battery internal electrochemistry characteristic decides this type of battery whether rechargeable, according to its electrochemistry composition and electrode construction, chemical reaction that in rechargeable battery interior is reversible.

In theory, the reversible characteristic is without affect by cycles. Though charge and discharge will attract reversible change on electrode volume and construction, rechargeable battery internal construction design should support it. Since primary battery only discharge one time, its internal construction simple and also do not need support this change, thus, primary battery permits recharge. The behavior that recharges the primary battery is dangerous and un-economic; the best choice for over and over use is rechargeable battery, called secondary battery which cycling time is up to 1000 times.

2. Is there other different between them?

Another obvious different is their energy density, over current capability, self-discharge rate, for the energy density, rechargeable battery is higher than primary battery, and over current capability is opposite.

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