How to Maintain Lithium Battery

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Here are some tips on how to maintain Lithium Battery:

1. Don't charge over 12 hours for the first time.

When we purchase electronic devices powered by battery, sellers will usually tell us lithium battery charge time must up to 12 hours in the first time. Actually, this idea is wrong. Unlike common Ni-CD or Ni-MH battery, lithium ion batteries have been activated before left factory, otherwise its low self-discharge, so it’s unnecessary to charge Lithium ion Battery for such a long time in the first time. Lithium ion battery is ready after recharged, it will reach to best status after 3 or 5 cycles.

2. Don't not use unqualified charger.

Many friends care their electronic gadgets very much, but often avoid the affect of lithium ion battery. When pick up charger, original charger is the fist choice, second one is some hi gh quality charger, that with over charge protection function or brand charger. Poor battery charger leads to shorter cycles, even causes explore or fire.

3. Avoid over charge frequently. 

Long time over charge will let battery interior in a level of high temperature, is bad for lithium ion battery and charger. Thus, fully charged yet is good enough, or lithium battery will become a little bomb if without over charge protection function.

4. Avoid contact metal.

Lithium ion battery's contact is needed to be clean, and note that do not let battery contact get close to metal when take care or carry, it carries out short circuit or cycles.

5. Avoid often use in high or low temperature environment. 

Lithium ion battery has its own proper work and storage temperature, if it’s in over high or low temperature environment in a long tern, will affects lithium ion battery’s use time and cycles highly.

6. Avoid long time without use or recharge.

For some uncertain reasons, personal electronic gadgets or lithium ion battery might be to leave unused 3 months or more, so that we need to recharge lithium ion battery for some electricity volume regularly, then storage( recharge electricity volume is 30-70% of capacity, depends on storage time and battery capacity).

7. Avoid use lithium ion battery which full charged yet. 

Temperature will be very high after batter recharged yet, if use at once, electronic gadget’s internal temperature will raise soon, it affects electronics component greatly

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