Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide Battery

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Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide Battery

Lithium nickel manganese oxide battery refers to lithium-ion battery with nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide as anode material. Lithium Battery with nickel manganese oxide material is characterized by cheaper price of lithium-nickel-oxide than that of lithium-cobalt-oxide and their similar performances.

1. Performance of lithium battery with nickel manganese cobalt material

Nickel is a quite promising anode material because of its excellent lithium-embedding performance and layered structure featuring high specific capacity, high voltage platform, stable structure, good thermal stability and fine cycle performance.

High capacity is a great advantage of lithium batteries with ternary material with 500 cycle times. Charge and discharge interval of first reversible capacity exceeds 160mAh/g; its high capacity attributes to its stable structure, which could improve lattice stability during charge& discharge, remain discharge capacity and extend charge& discharge lifetime. Same as LiMnO battery and LiCoO battery, overcharge protection voltage of lithium battery with ternary material is 4.2V and over discharge protection voltage is 2.75V.

Besides, lithium nickel manganese oxide battery with different capacity could be made as per shape, external case and material formula.

2. Disadvantage of lithium nickel manganese oxide battery in the manufacture phase:

Nickel manganese oxide material compound is easy but mixed arrange of lithium and nickel often happens. Thus, this process is quite difficult. Improper handle, if occurs, could affect battery performance.

3. Technical improvement of lithium nickel manganese oxide battery:

(1). Lowspecial ternary lithium battery: further reducespecial content to lower prices of ternary lithium battery. Currently, ternary material with 15%special is applied;

(2). High nickel ternary lithium battery: increasing nickel content could enhance material G capacity. High nickel is ideal material of high-capacity batteries;

(3). lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide battery combined with lithium titanate cathode. Voltage platform of this battery system is 1.5V lower than that of graphite and carbon cathode. Yet its low-temperature discharge and cycle performance are better than LiFePO4 Battery.

4. Application and prospect:

Other material could not compete with nickel manganese cobalt material on high capacity and high safety. Since 2004,Chinahas developed nickel manganese oxide materials. Currently, lithium nickel manganese oxide battery has occupied 10% proportion. As power tool and laptop develop, its proportion will increase.

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