STOBA Explosion Proof Lithium Battery

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Explosion Proof Battery

In order to environmental emission, eliminate 30 thousands two stroke motorcycle, environmental protection replacement is one method, and electric motorcycle is one of options. Relative department and industry come to Taiwan and visit, one of the attentions is electric motorcycle Lithium Battery safety issue.

Compare with carbon battery and alkaline battery, lithium battery features high energy density, high voltage, and constant discharge, rechargeable using etc. advantages, close to mobile phone and computer etc. communication, also for electric device. Therefore, recent report about mobile phone explosion, even for someone died, lithium battery is the key, whether battery issue, or un-appropriate suing, that need to be proved, but li-ion battery might be explosion, this is the truth.

Lithium battery applies to electric motorcycle; government want to popular electric motorcycle, the key is the safety of lithium battery. Electric motorcycle is for transport, might different certain crash happens that damages or makes lithium battery leakage, explosion. Taiwan local researches high safety lithium battery material, called nanometer fuse, it could protect battery from short circuit or explosion, this invent gained The 100 Top Global Scientific Prize, features advance technology.

Taiwan research Self-Terminated Oligomers with hyper-Branched Architecture, called STOBA, is a electrochemical material that could cut off lithium battery internal short circuit, could improve lithium battery apply safey. STOBA like lithium battery internal protection device, when short circuit or temperature rise to 130℃, it will start up, restrains battery internal ion conduct function, stop electrochemical reaction, so it could protect lithium battery from over heat or explosion danger.

Battery safety issue is solved basis, but for electric motorcycle popularize, we should consider other issues, includes plug standard, vehicle property, work time, civilian acceptable level, battery recycle, Incentive and subsidy, the new standard is in the process of edit for electric vehicle and electric motorcycle, and plug standard and electric vehicle classification, charge method, battery recycle etc. issue, estimates next year will have a clear direction.

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