Smart Battery Will be Popular

2021-07-27 14:07:00    Pageview: 1822

Smart Battery

As a power source for electronic products, battery is experiencing upgrade. Traditional alkaline, manganese battery, lithium-ion battery will be eliminated and Smart Battery will become a new power source in the market.

It is known that use time of smart battery is 200A longer than that of common battery. In addition, remaining battery level and use time can be predicted. It is convenient to be replaced and suitable for use in computer and telecommunication fields due to its ability of continuous charge.

US, Germany, Japan and other countries are expanding the smart battery market. At present, there are 32 US companies investing in smart battery and Germany Varta company is also developing smart battery with new battery having to be put on the market.

Smart battery will have a bright prospect in domestic battery market. Smart battery is necessary for the current booming computer network and mobile telecommunication field. It is forecasted that annual demand quantity in the future domestic market will reach 50 million.

Faced with the rise of smart battery market, domestic battery enterprises should timely adjust product structure, develop or introduce advanced technology and produce smart battery to occupy domestic smart battery market.

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