Pros and Cons of Lithium Polymer Battery

2021-07-27 13:07:20    Pageview: 1730

Polymer battery is a kind of lithium-ion battery, but compared with liquid lithium-ion battery, li-polymer battery, as a new battery, is characterized by high energy density, small size, slim thickness, light weigh, high safety, low cost, etc.


Slim and able to be assembled into credit card;

Smart appearance: manufacturers need not restrict standard shape and can economically make suitable size;

Light weigh: battery used polymer electrolyte need not metal case as protection package;

Improved safety: more stable overcharge and low rate of electrolyte leakage.


As opposed to lithium-ion battery, energy density and cycle times have been decreased;

High manufacture cost;

No standard shape, most are made for high-capacity consumer market;

Prices are more expensive than that of lithium-ion battery.

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