How to Tell Original Lithium Ion Batteries of Canon NB-5L Digital Camera

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Now there are lost of fake products in the electronic market, including digital camera Lithium ion Battery. Some immoral sellers replace part of component with unqualified part, which makes customers incur losses. Below we will teach you how to distinguish true Cannon NB-5L digital camera lithium batteries. NB-5L, a Cannon IXUS series is a hot seller in the market and has a large requirement on lithium ion battery. In this case, some undesirable sellers start to replace original batteries with unqualified batteries, and then sell original ones with high profit.

image of digital camera lithium batteries1

Since NB-5L is new, and the difference between original lithium batteries and fake ones are obvious, even for printing on appearance, like worse effect on printing, and with fuzzy sense on character edge, seem dark for the whole appearance.

image of digital camera lithium batteries

NB-5L fake batteries: there is some differences at the back side, especial for some signs.

 image of digital camera lithium batteries

Another obvious difference is different color plastic near the metal contact of original battery, but not for fake batteries. In addition, metal contact is also the important factor to distinguish. Due to cost, the resource of fake battery contact is from the old one, dark coppery color that near common cooper, even something with dirty; while the original one is in light yellow color, and there is a wax like protection coating on the appearance, obvious scratches after contacted.

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