Fast Charge on Electric Bike will Affect Battery Cycle Life

2021-07-27 14:07:34    Pageview: 1116

Recently, a so-called electric vehicle fast charger appears on Taiyuan city, 10 minutes charge time, 5 kilometer mileage, only cost 1 RMB, convenient and cheap, it’s very convenient for citizen who ride the electric bike, therefore, this fast charge method will affect the battery cycle life of electric bike.

Electric vehicle fast charger is a yellow iron box, which is connected with several connectors; charger high 50 cm, width 30 cm, there is a silver slot in front of it. When connect with electric bike battery with charge wire and connector, it will inform slit the coin, LCD screen will show starting charge after drop ?1 RMB. At that time, power light, burst light, and charge light will be lighted up, fault light will be off. Charger will inform after every one minute. It takes 10 minutes for one time, could last 5 kilometer, cheap enough that everyone could afford.

Zhang Wei is an employee of one express company, a frequent customer of fast charge station. Zhang says, because of work, he has to ride around 100 kilometer, it’s very un-convenient for him to charge the electric bike when without power. And now it’s very cheap and convenient for it. Owner of fast charge station also feels like it, he says, about ten or more customers come here for one day, benefit will reach to 2-3 hundreds if it’s better. The key is the station does not need extra care.

Though fast charger is convenient, it will affect electric bike battery cycle life, and this kind of damage is excluded in the factory warranty, explains by one brand electric bike officer. So, please noted, do not use the fast charger at roadside easily, until it’s urgent.

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