Lithium Battery Designation

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Lithium Battery Designation IEC61960.jpgLithium Battery designation

According to IEC61960 standard, identification of lithium battery cell as below:

a. Battery identification includes 3 letters & 5 numbers for cylindrical battery or 6 numbers for flat battery.

b. First letter shows battery anode material, “I” is battery with lithium ion; “L” is lithium metal electrode.

c. Second letter shows battery cathode material, “C” is cobalt; “N” is nickel, “M” is manganese, “V” is vanadium.

d. Third letter represents battery shape, “R” is cylindrical battery, and “P” is flat battery.

e. Number. Cylindrical battery, 5 numbers represent diameter (mm) and height (0.1mm), diameter or height any size ?100mm, should add “/” between two sizes. Flat battery, six numbers represent thickness, width and height, unit mm, any size ?100mm, should add “/”; any size ?1mm, should add “t” before this size, unit 0.1mmm.

E.g. ICR18650 represents cylindrical lithium battery, cobalt cathode, diameter 18mm, height 65mm;

ICP103450 represents flat Lithium ion Battery, cobalt cathode, and thickness 10mm, width 34mm, height 50mm;

ICP08/34/150 represents flat lithium ion battery, cobalt cathode, and thickness 8mm, width 34mm, height 150mm;

ICPt73448 represents flat lithium ion battery, cobalt cathode, and thickness 0.7mm, width 34mm, height 48mm.

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