Advantages and Disadvantages of Lithium Ion Battery

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Main advantages of Lithium ion Battery,

a. High energy density, 460-600Wh/kg, 6-7 times of lead acid battery’s energy density.

b. Long cycle life, up to 6 years. A cycle time of lithium iron phosphate battery can reach 1000 times.

c. High rated voltage, single cell voltage 3.7V/3.2V, which equals 3 Ni-CD or NiMH batteries in series connection, convenient for battery assembles.

d. High charge and discharge rate, like lithium iron battery for electric vehicle, capability of 15-30C charge & discharge rate, good for high power start up.

e. Low self-discharge, one of best advantage of this kind of battery, currently 1% per month, 1/20 of Ni-MH battery.

f. Light weight, 1/5-6 of lead acid battery weight.

g. High & low temperature characteristic, work temperature rang from -20? to 60?, even could work at temperature of -45? on special aircraft.

h. Eco-friendly, without heavy metal like lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.

i. Do not need a lot of water, good for us that lack of water.

Disadvantages of lithium ion battery,

a. not very safe and might explode.

b. Lithium cobalt oxide battery cannot discharge at high current.

c. Require protection circuit, protect from over-charge & over-discharge.

d. High production condition requirement, high cost.

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