Aluminum Shell of Lithium Battery

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Aluminum shell of Lithium Battery is battery case made of aluminum material and mainly used on prismatic lithium battery. Lithium battery is packed with aluminum shell because of its lightweight and safety.

Square corner and round corner are two designs of lithium battery aluminum shell. General material of aluminum shell is aluminum-manganese alloy, whose main content are Mn, Cu, Mg, Si and Fe. These five content plays different role: Cu and Mg improve strength and hardness; Mn enhances corrosion resistance; Si strengthens heat treatment effect of magnesium-aluminum alloy; Fe can raise high temperature strength.

The above lithium aluminum shell material has considered safety performance, represents with material depth and bulge factor. The reason that steel shell of lithium battery is lighter than aluminum shell is that aluminum shell can be made thinner. In terms of lithium battery working mechanism, during charge, lithium ions de-embed and anode volume bulges; when discharge, lithium ions embed into anode and cathode bulges. Suitable aluminum formula can reduce bulge factor.

Even if battery explores, destructive force of aluminum battery is weaker than that of steel shell.

Due to the above advantages, lithium-ion battery with aluminum shell is the mainstream of current liquid lithium battery for its light and safe features. Currently aluminum shell lithium battery has been improved on high hardness and light weight to provide more excellent lithium battery products.

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