Best Rechargeable Battery

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Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, lithium-ion, lead acid and lithium iron batteries are five main categories of rechargeable batteries in the market. Because the latter two are generally used on high power products, best rechargeable battery is just selected from the first three batteries that are applicable to portable devices.

To choose best rechargeable battery should be based on the following indicators: 1. high power. The higher the power, the longer the continuous use time; 2. Resistant to fast charge: battery with better resistant performance to fast charge can bear higher charge current. Top-quality battery can be fully charged within short time under 1C charge rate; 3. low self discharge: high-quality battery features low self discharge and long storage period; 4. lifetime: refers to full charge and discharge times. Ni-Cd/Ni-MH battery can reach 500-1000 times whereas lifetime of superior-quality Lithium Battery in correct use condition could attain 2000 times.

Ni-Cd battery: has memory effect. Low capacity.

Ni-MH battery has low memory effect and high capacity.

Lithium-ion battery has no memory effect and high power. Widely used on digital camera, laptop, mobile phone and other electronic products. Thus, compared with Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery, obviously lithium-ion battery is the best rechargeable battery.

The above standard is also suitable to compare battery of same model but different brands. However, best rechargeable battery is not absolute because advantage of different manufacturers only reflects from a certain comparative indicator.

Therefore, in this sense, best rechargeable battery varies according to customers’ requirements, however, comprehensive indicators could represent objective rankings, among which, Sanyo lithium battery is a world top brand. Comprehensive performance of Sanyo lithium battery is the best on the above four indicators.

Actually, to judge best rechargeable battery should depends on specific applications. For example, some lithium battery with better resistance to low temperature can be called best battery while other with better resistance to high temperature could be rated best.

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