New Regulation on Carrying Lithium Battery

2021-07-27 14:07:40    Pageview: 676

According to reinforce Lithium Battery safetyspecial transportation regulation, the battery or backup battery that traveler take-by device’s, executives below grade lithium content or power limitation,

a. Lithium metal battery lithium content can not exceed 2g.

b. Lithium ion Battery rated power can not exceed 100Wh.

c. Exceed 100Wh and blow 160Wh lithium battery could pack in cabbage or mobile cabbage device after approval ofspecial company.

d. Forbid take-by lithium battery exceeds 160Wh.

Currently, portable electronic product or mobile power that traveler take-by, that lithium battery only signs as mAh for battery capacity, so it requests transfer from capacity to energy. If Battery Voltage and rated capacity is known, we could calculate by below formula, Wh=V*Ah. And for battery capacity unit mAh, it should divide 1000 to get the value Ah.

From above calculation, we cold check and see board lithium battery conforms to which standard.

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