How to Store Lithium Batteries Unused for a Long Time

2021-07-27 14:07:13    Pageview: 1277

Many people have asked the questions: how to store lithium batteries.

There is a bad feature about Lithium Battery: self-discharge, which depends on its capacity (charged capacity, that is, the charge's saturation condition). Thus lithium batteries stored for a long time should charge a little because capacity will lose during storage. The remaining capacity and storage temperature will affect lithium battery capacity. Following are the battery's remaining capacity based on different temperature and saturation condition:

Storage temperature——40% charged condition——100% charged condition





This shows the higher the temperature and the more saturated the battery, the more severe the battery loss. Therefore, it is not recommended to long-time store lithium-ion batteries. Idle batteries are recommended to store under 40% charge and temperature lower than 15℃.

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