Huatian Began Small Lot Production of Power Lithium Battery

2021-07-27 14:07:38    Pageview: 1725

At the end of 2006, Zhejiang Huatian Power Source Technology Co., Ltd develops high power power tool Lithium Battery, throw in small batch production. The next step is to modify and improve product structure and manufacture craft, hopeful achieving mass production.

Lithium battery features high energy density, no pollution, long cycle life etc. advantage, is the new energy develops kind in the global electronic field, brilliant market future. Huatian company on the basis of self advantage, positive occupy market, try to become to leader of secondary rechargeable battery field. Huatian established in 2000, insist advance electrochemical technology, involved in all kind lithium batteries research, production, and operate according to ISO 9001 quality system strictly, become the shine start of lithium battery industry. Currently, Huatian produces lithium cell, the key component of digital camera, MP3/MP4, mobile etc. electronic communication lithium battery, production capability above 10 million pieces, achieves production value 60 million RMB in 2006.

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