Large Capacity Battery Safety Issue

2021-07-27 14:07:09    Pageview: 1181

The more powerful an energy system is, the more dangerous it will become. Lithium ion Battery is a typical example. It's quite difficult to increase Battery Pack capacity without increasing danger.

Because current superimpose principle, near battery tab is the rendezvous point of current superimpose. This will lead to current density uneven on the single cell plate, then over heat for some area.

When working, temperature at the core of battery is very high. The larger battery capacity is, the more temperature differences from internal to external. According to thermodynamics second principle, in the condition of same external temperature, in the core of large capacity battery, temperature will be very high.

Battery's internal chemical reaction will cause volume change. The larger the battery volume is, the more it deforms, which leads to battery current’s uneven change.

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