Lithium Battery Cycle Life

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Misunderstanding on Lithium Battery cycle life is that battery needs replacing after 300 to 500 cycle times; the correct saying is that Lithium ion Battery cycle life is related to complete charge cycle time, without direct relationship with charge time. A charge cycle is lithium battery fully charged then completely discharged, then recharge, that is not equal to charge one time.

Lithium battery has 300 to 500 charge-discharge cycle, provided fully discharge electricity volume is Q, without consider capacity loses after every cycle, and lithium ion battery could provide or recharge 300-500Q power for life cycles. From above, if battery recharge when with half electricity volume, their charge time could reach to 600-1000 times; one third of electricity level, then would be 900-1500 times. And so on, if charge at random, the time is not certain, in total, not matter how charge, recharge 300-500Q electricity volume is certain. So, there is another explanation, lithium ion battery cycle life is related with battery total charge electricity volume, other than charge time. Deep discharge & charge, Light discharge & charge, will not affect lithium battery life too much.

In fact, light discharge & charge is benefit for lithium ion battery, only for PSP power module adjust for lithium ion battery, it requests deep discharge & charge. So using lithium ion battery does not limit to process, convenient first, charge at any time, does not worry about affect cycle life.

Maintain lithium ion battery to lengthen its cycle life.

a. Avoid high temperature. If temperature is higher then regular work one, above 35°C, battery electricity volume will decline, work time is less than normal; and if charge in such temperature, will damage battery greatly, even Battery Storage in heat environment, it will damage battery quality inevitably. So, please keep in proper operate temperature that is a good way to lengthen lithium ion battery cycle life.

b. Not good for low temperature. If in low temperature environment, e.g. blow 4 ℃, battery work time will be less, like some mobile original battery can not be recharged, do not worry about it too much, it’s temporary, different from high temperature application, battery will recover its original capacity once temperature rise and battery molecule heat.

c. Life is movement. In order to develop its most efficiency, it needs using frequency, let lithium ion battery internal electron always in a status of float. If do not use lithium batteries usually, make sure cycle lithium ion battery every month, and deep discharge and charge one time for electricity volume adjustment

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