How to Briefly Calculate Cell Phone Charge Time

2021-07-27 14:07:17    Pageview: 1274

How to calculate full charge time of cell phone battery? Many people have asked this question. Insufficient charge time and battery power will shorten battery lifetime while too long charge time will damage cell phone and battery. Following is a easy way of calculating battery charge time:

Firstly, check the battery capacity on the battery label with unit of mAh. The larger the value, the higher the capacity is. For example, 1200mAh indicates battery capacity.

Secondly, see charge current on the charger label with unit of mA. Battery charge time can be briefly calculated as per the following method: charge time=battery capacity/charge current*1.2 (unit: hrs).

If a battery capacity is 1200mAh and charger output current is 600mA, then charge time of this battery is 1200mAh/600mA*1.2=2.4h. Based on the above calculation, suitable battery charge time can be understood.

Special tip: this calculation method is also applicable on Sanyo Lithium Battery, but it is quite rough. To different charge current, the multiplying multiple is different. Moreover, it is not suitable to new battery because the first three charges of a new battery, especially Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery, should be matched with cell phone, and further 15-hour charge after full discharge is required in order to max battery lifetime.

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