Lithium Polymer Battery Lifetime

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Lithium Polymer Battery

Lithium Polymer Battery is also called polymer Lithium Battery or li-polymer battery. As a new-generation rechargeable batteries developed in this century, lipo battery has fastly replaced traditional liquid lithium battery in the market. Thus polymer battery lifetime not only has become a goal pursued by battery manufacturers, but also is concerned by customers.

Externally, Lithium polymer batteries use aluminum-plastic cases rather than metal cases used on liquid lithium batteries. This is because polymer battery uses colloidal substances to help battery polar plate bond and absorb electrolyte so that liquid electrolyte use reduces greatly.

Structurally,Lithium polymer battery has high energy density, small size and ultra slim features. Compared with liquid lithium batteries, polymer batteries has lifetime as long as 500 times.

Li-polymer battery lifetime refers to complete charge and discharge cycle times. In actual use, lipo battery lifetime might be affected by use method and storage condition, including but not limited to complete charge and discharge cycle times, Battery Voltage and storage temperature.

Test has proved that the deeper the discharge, the shorter polymer battery lifetime and the lower total discharge capacity is. Continuously high voltage will speed up lithium battery capacity loss to shorten its lifetime. Use and storage under high temperature can also accelerate battery’s self discharge to form permanent loss.

Therefore, structural features have endowed lipo battery with great lifetime advantages over traditional battery. Practically, Lithium polymer battery lifetime can be extended through shallow charge& discharge, suitable voltage and appropriate storage temperature.

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