Lithium Manganese Oxide Battery

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As one type of rechargeable lithium-ion battery, lithium manganese oxide battery (LiMn2O4 ) uses LiMn2O4 as battery anode chemical.

1. Advantages of LiMn2O4 battery:

Manganese dioxide is cheap and easily available material. LiMn2O4 has two use forms: one is high voltage form that can release lithium ion; the other is low voltage form that can accept lithium ion. Besides its square spinel structure provides a conduction channel for lithium ion. Thus embed and de-embed of the lithium ion will not destroy its structure, which contributes to relative stability of LiMn2O4 battery.

2. Performance parameters of LiMn2O4 battery:

high energy density; lifetime of 300-500 times; operating temperature: -50~45℃; overcharge voltage: 4.2V and over discharge voltage: 2.75V; can be made into polymer and liquid forms with single capacity reaching 10Ah; low toxic among all Lithium Battery anode material.

3. Disadvantages of LiMn2O4 battery

Low specific energy due to capacity loss arising from mixture of LiMcn2O4, carbon black and cementing agent;

Assessment on safety performance of LiMn2O4 battery shows that LiMn2O4 battery is strong in heat shock and nail ability but short circuit will cause crack of explosion-proof film and overcharge will result in fire or explosion.

4. LiMn2O4 battery market:

Despite of low price, LiMn2O4 battery is restricted on mass production due to its poor cycle performance and electrochemical stability. Currently, it is mainly used as lead acid battery substitutes and large or price-sensitive market. It is efficient to expand application scope of LiMn2O4 battery through doping technique

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