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    Ni-MH Battery and Lithium Ion Battery, Which One is Better?
      Which kind of battery is better, Ni-MH battery or Li-ion battery? Both have their own  advantages. If you do want to know which one is better, let’s refer to the applications. For example, lithium ion battery is applied to mobile phone batteries, but for digital cameras, Ni-MH battery is a better choice since cameras request high current ...

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    AA Alkaline Battery Characteristics
      Height of AA alkaline battery is 48.0±0.5mm, and its diameter, 14.1±0.2mm. But its capacity is not certain. It all depends on discharge current. When it’s discharged with small current, its capacity can reach 2000mAh, and capacity decline greatly when discharged with large current. Regularly, AA alkaline battery capacity is between 1800mA...

  • image_of_lithium_ion_battery

    How to Use Lithium Ion Battery
      Generally speaking, lithium ion battery has a natural discharge rate. It will self-discharge 1% electricity even it’s not in use.   When in extreme temperature, battery performance will be degraded. Thus, don’t store battery in places where temperature is higher than 60? or lower than -20?.   Lithium ions are very active and rea...

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    How to maintain lithium ion battery
    With its advantages of light weight, large capacity and long cycle life, lithium ion battery has become the optimal choice for mobile phone battery. Correct usage can even lengthen its life time and fully make use of its advantages.   Newly produced lithium ion battery will be charged to 50% full to reduce its self-discharge in transportati...

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    Large Capacity Battery Safety Issue
      The more powerful an energy system is, the more dangerous it will become. lithium ion battery is a typical example. It’s quite difficult to increase battery pack capacity without increasing danger.   Because current superimpose principle, near battery tab is the rendezvous point of current superimpose. This will lead to current...

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    Lithium Ion Battery Storage Issue
    One of the bad characteristics of lithium ion battery is self-discharge. It is related with voltage. So lithium ion battery should be charged to a certain electricity volume for long term storage. The volume will gradually low down during storage.   Below is the charged electricity volume and storage temperature relationship with lithium io...

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    Save Ni-MH Battery power When Using Digital Camera
    For a camera powered by Ni-MH battery or lithium ion battery, it is very important for you to learn to save the battery power. a. Avoid frequently using flashlight if you are not a professional photo person. Unless it’s in dark night, daylight is strong enough for common digital camera.   b. Try to avoid unnecessary zoom operation; ...

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    Lithium Ion Battery for Canon NB-5L Digital Camera
    Now there are lot of fake products in the electronic gadgets market, including digital camera lithium ion battery. Below we will show you a way to distinguish Cannon NB-5L digital camera lithium ion battery from fake battery. NB-5L belongs to Cannon IXUS series. It sells good, which causes large requirements on lithium ion battery, some sellers ...

  • image-of-low-voltage-battery

    Reasons and Precautions for 0V or Low voltage Battery
    Reasons of 0V or low voltage battery are as below:   a. External short circuit or over charge, opposite charge/mandatory over discharge.   b. High continuous current over charge, battery cell swell, cathode and anode poles connected which causing short circuit directly.   c. Internal short circuit or micro short circuit, e.g. cat...

  • image-of-carbon-battery

    Is Carbon Battery Rechargeable?
      Many people ask, whether carbon battery is rechargeable? The answer is for sure, no. Carbon batter is primary battery, and dry battery is non-rechargeable.   There are two types of AA/AAA battery, rechargeable and non-rechargeable.   Non-rechargeable AA/AAA battery includes carbon battery and alkaline battery, carbon battery is ...

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    Ni-MH battery purchasing tips
    When you purchase Ni-MH batteries, do not judge them by their capacity. For example, many people will choose 1200mAh battery when they need to make a choice between a 3.6V 1200mAh Ni-MH battery and a 7.2V 900mAh one because people think that higher capacity means that the battery can release more electricity in an hour. But it’s not true. ...

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    Maintenance and Apply of Ni-MH Battery
    Usually a new Ni-MH battery only has a low electricity volume. When purchased, it requires charge before use.   New purchased Ni-MH battery performance will be in a best status after 3-4 times’ charge and discharge. When you charge the battery for the first time, its capacity may not be as much as you imagine, but this problem can be solved...

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