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Lithium ion Battery Solutions
LARGE is Focusing on Customized Lithium ion Battery Solutions And Products For 19 Years!! Whatever lithium ion battery you need, you can customize it here!

Battery Solutions Lithium Ion Battery Case

  • Lithium-ion Battery Pack 18650 14.4V 6600mAh

    Network Signal Tester

    18650 Lithium-ion Battery 14.4V 6600mAh

    Product number: 01WQ0037-05
    Specification: NCR18650GA-4S2P-6600MAH-14.4V
    5G base station and smart network city

  • Polymer Intelligent Lithium Battery 105596 11.1V 8000mAh Golf Track Monitor

    Golf Track Monitor

    Lithium Polymer Battery Pack 105596 11.1V 8000mAh

    Product certification: CE/CB(IEC62133)/UN38.3 ETC
    Reliable performance and battery management
    Voltameter, over charge, over discharge, over current, over voltage protection

  • 2100mAh 7.4V Lithium Polymer Battery for Industrial Instrument
  • 3720mAh 7.4V Lithium Polymer Battery for Medical Controller
  • 18650 6400Ah 10.8V Samsung Battery for Handheld Inspection Equipment
  • 4000mAh 7.4V Lithium Polymer Battery for Industrial Equipment
  • 3.7V 4100mAh Lithium Polymer Battery for Hanheld Device
  • 26650 12.8V 3300mAh Lithium Ion Battery for Medical Device
  • 18650 14.4V 6700mAh Samsung Battery for Portable Infusion Pump
  • 26650 6.8Ah 12.8V LiFePO4 Battery for Medical Device
  • 20Ah 3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery for Medical Device
  • 18650 3.7V 2200mAh Battery Lithium-ion Batteries for Industrial Instruments
  • 21700 3.7V 2250mAh Lithium Polymer Battery for Medical Equipment
  • 18650 3350mAh 3.6V Medical Lithium-ion Battery
  • 18650 3.6V 2600mAh Lithium-ion Battery for Instrument of Surveying and Mapping

Battery Solutions Battery Applications

Special equipment, medical equipment, security monitoring, emergency fire fighting, robots, rail transit, surveying and mapping, instrumentation, consumer electronics

Battery Solutions Applications

Custom Battery Design

Want a different battery?  Contact us now for your special needs.

  • Customizae on Demand
    Customizae on Demand
    • Customize 3.7V~60V lithium-ion battery
    • Customize 10W~2000W special power supply
    • Customize 20W-2000W smart charger
  • Production and manufacturing
    Production and manufacturing
    • Cell annual capacity: 1.5G WH
    • PACK annual capacity: 20 million units
    • Multi-model, multi-batch, customized PACK
  • Technical Team
    Technical Team
    • 6 professors and experts,
    • 60+ engineers
    • Include electronics, structure, process, industrial
      design, quality,Test, certification and other
  • Safety & Reliability
    Safety & Reliability
    • Meet CE, CB, UL, UN38.3, MSDS etc.
    • The product quality traceability system provides
    • accurate data information for after-sales service.

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