How to Discharge Lithium Battery

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Electric device powered by Lithium Battery is also discharge process of lithium battery. How to discharge lithium battery under abnormal circumstances in different operating environment?

Discharge process of lithium battery during discharge is balanced. Theoretically, discharge rate and depth should be noticed during lithium battery discharge.

Discharge depth is ratio of discharge capacity to rated capacity. Scientific discharge depth should refer to Battery Voltage. General standard is charge battery if voltage of a lithium battery drops to 2.75V-3V because voltage lower than 2.75V will cause over discharge to rechargeable battery. Over discharge could result in over evaporation of electrolyte and permanent capacity loss from decreased cathode de-embedded ability. 

Another parameter that could effectively explain how to discharge lithium battery is discharge rate. Discharge rate can be changed into discharge current. For instance, if an 1800mAh battery discharges with 0.1C rate, discharge current is 180mA. Generally, smaller discharge current is better. Hence, during discharge, lithium battery should timely recharge from discharge depth point of view; in terms of discharge current, small discharge current is suitable.

In inactive state, discharge also happens to lithium battery, called self-discharge. In this case, self-discharge has two forms: first is that cathode forces lithium ions to re-embed into anode; second is electrode dissolution, that is, oxidation reaction of anode ions on lithium metal. Discharge process of these two forms is reversible. Most capacity loss from self-discharge can be supplemented through charge. Capacity loss from self discharge depends on environment temperature of lithium battery: generally, month discharge rate under high temperature (55?) is 10% whereas 2-3% at room temperature.

Therefore, how to discharge lithium battery should consider factors that affect discharge of lithium battery. In practical use, the problem that how to discharge lithium battery transforms into discharge time, discharge cautions, etc. Better understanding how to discharge lithium battery helps use battery longer.

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