How to Distinguish 3-Cell Lithium Battery from 6-Cell Lithium Battery

2021-07-27 14:07:29    Pageview: 682

Currently notebook batteries have six types, including three, four, six, eight, nine and twelve cell. In brief, the more cells Lithium Battery has, the longer lifetime will be. In the same voltage, 6-cell lithium battery will last longer than 3-cell lithium battery. This is because its capacity is larger than 3-cell battery. Then how to distinguish them?

Check rated voltage and capacity marked on laptops. In general, 3-cell lithium battery  is 11.1V /2200mAh and 11.1V 6600mAh for 6-cell one. At present Sanyo 18650 and Bak 18650 are main notebook battery cell brands.

If used at home, 3-cell or 4-cell lithium batteries are OK because there is stable AC power. If used in office, long stand-by time will be required, so 6 or 8-cell battery will be advisable to you. Yet for mobile office, 9 or 12-cell will be optimal option, but it’s too heavy to carry, and not stable, 6 or 8-cell is enough for application, for that it can last more than 3 hours.

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