How to Extend Lithium Battery Life

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Tom Hartley, electronic engineer professor in AkronUniversity, helped NASA research extend Lithium Battery life and said the deeper discharge to lithium battery, the greater damage for battery; the fuller charge to lithium battery, the greater damage for battery. The cycle life of lithium battery will be longest if it remains 50% remaining capacity.

Firstly, too high or too low remaining capacity is bad for lithium battery life; charge and discharge cycle is second factor. Actually, charge time, marked on electric devices or battery label, is tested on 80% discharge. Experiment shows, for some laptop lithium batteries, their cycle life will drop to half when battery is often charged over 0.1V on standard voltage, from 4.1V to 4.2V; if an additional 0.1V charge, lithium battery will decline to original 1/3. Lithium battery in long-term storage in status of low or zero remaining capacity, battery internal resistance will get higher to decrease battery capacity. NANA sets up lithium battery for Harbert space telescope consume electricity volume for 10% of battery capacity, to ensure battery could charge and discharge 100000 times without replacement.

Secondly, Temperature is another factor that affects lithium battery life.Mobileand some small size electronic devices can ignore this factor. Lithium batteries might damage when devices starts at below zero temperature, and battery capacity will decline under over heat. Thus, if lithium batteries are fixed on laptops for a long time, they will be under over heat environment. In addition, 100% full charge in the long term will damage batteries.

Currently most of portable electronic product are powered by lithium batteries. In order to ensure lithium battery’s reliability, a few tips should be followed: a. do not charge battery to 100%, also no completely discharge it. If situation allows, try to keep 50% remaining capacity on batteries.

Large company lithium battery primary voltage sets up 3.6-3.9V, 85% of full electricity volume, including GE electric vehicle designed is compulsory keep lithium battery electricity volume from 20% to 80%, increase battery rechargeable times.

b. Don't connect lithium battery with notebook if external power supply is used for a long time, even your notebook dissipates heat very well, 100% electricity volume is equal to murder to lithium battery.

c. If your notebook powered by external power supply in long term, or its electricity volume is above 80%, unplug notebook battery soon, and don’t charge battery fully. Up to 80% is enough; adjust operation system power value, set up electricity volume alter to 20% above, in usual battery electricity volume above 20%, recharge before drop to 20% electricity volume.

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