18650 Battery Applications

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18650 Battery Applications

Since its birth, 18650 battery application has been rapidly expanded with technological progress and market development. Japanese companies have made remarkable contribution to expand its applications. 

During 1990s, Sony was the first to declare the birth of lithium-ion battery. Since then, 18650 battery, as the earliest lithium-ion battery, had fast replaced Ni-MH battery. Thus last century, 18650 battery was completely used on portable electronic products.

Since 21st century, Lithium Battery had taken a predominant position in the portable electronic product market. Between 2004 and 2007, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, etc focused on increasing capacity of 18650 battery from the previous 600mAh to 2900mAh. In this period, 18650 battery was mainly used on laptops.

After 2007, Japan’s Sanyo Electric used 18650 battery on emergency portable power. Afterwards, Battery Packs made up of two or more 18650 batteries was launched, bringing forth storage 18650 battery for solar power and wind power, and power supply 18650 battery for electric motorcycles and light power cars.

Due to domestic frequent contingencies, Sanyo Electric launched emergency power used for electricity cutoff caused by natural disasters. For example, battery system made up of 321 18650 batteries can continuously work two and half hours. Reconstruction after Japan’s earthquake has fully reflected use of 18650 battery.

Seeing Sanyo’s outstanding achievement on 18650 battery, Panasonic and Sony also broadened 18650 battery packs on previous laptop to household Storage Battery and EV products. In the same period, Sony developed LiFePo4 18650 battery. Panasonic, Sony and Sanyo have turned to development of high-capacity 18650 battery for electric vehicles.

Currently, 18650 battery has widely used on EV as well as cell phones, laptops, power tools, street lights. At present,Japan companies are still developing 18650 battery with capacity over 3000mAh to further expanded its use, however, it is commonly believed that 18650 battery’s R&D should be oriented on reducing its current battery cost.

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