Lithium Polymer Battery Manufacturer

High Capacity | High Security | High Energy Density | Long Cycle Life

Lithium polymer batteries have become a common choice for rechargeable batteries in smaller sizes. Compared with previous batteries, lithium polymer batteries are characterized by high energy density, miniaturization, lightweight and high cycle life. In terms of shape, lithium polymer batteries have the characteristics of ultra-thin, and can be made into batteries of different shapes and capacities to meet the needs of some products.

Battery Characteristics
1. The thinest value can reach 0.4mm;
2. Light weight and high capacity density are 15~20% more than that of aluminum steel shell battery;
3. It has aluminum - plastic film flexible packaging, laminated structure and good safety performance.
4. It has long cycle, low internal resistance, low heat and good power output;
5. Flexible product size can be customized according to customer requirements;
6. Green environmental products meet GB, UN, ROHS and other requirements.

Lithium Polymer Battery Products

Lithium Polymer Battery Applications

Portable equipment, medical equipment, instruments and meters, communication products, digital products, etc. Such as portable printers, POS machines, walkie-talkies, GPS, camera, smart home, bluetooth devices, mobile communications and so on

Lithium Polymer Battery Applications

Custom Lithium Batery Design

Battery Cell Selection + PCM & BMS + Structure Design + Chargers

We provide full turn-key services in product development, production of batteries, chargers, and batteries with embedded BMS control.
  • Cell Selection and Cell Quality Detection

  • Design of shape and internal structure

  • Electrical performance design:protection function, accurate power display, host communication, certification, battery set-making, charging

  • Charger design:External or built-in charger

  • Mid-term overall re-evaluation

  • First sample

  • Basic electrical performance test, and test under different environmental conditions


Lithium Polymer Battery Feature

Polymer Lithium Battery Advantages

1、High Energy Density
Lithium polymer batteries are half the weight of nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries with the same capacity, 40 to 50% volume of nickel-cadmium, and 20 to 30% of nickel-metal hydride batteries.
2、High Voltage
A single polymer lithium battery has an operating voltage of 3.7V(average), which is equivalent to three nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydrogen batteries in series.
3、Good Safety Performance
The battery has aluminum plastic packaging, which is different from the metal shell of liquid lithium battery. Because of the flexible packaging technology, internal quality risks can be immediately shown through the outer packaging deformation. Once the safety risks ocurrs, the battery will not explode, but swell.
4、Long Cycle Life
Under normal conditions, lithium polymer batteries can be charged and discharged more than 500 times.
5、No Pollution
Lithium polymer batteries do not contain harmful metals such as cadmium, lead or mercury. The factory has passed ISO14000 environmental system certification, and the products comply with the EU RoHS directive.
6、No Memory Effect
Memory effect refers to the phenomenon that the capacity of nickel-cadmium battery decreases during the charging and discharging cycle. Lithium polymer batteries do not have this effect.
7、Fast Charge
Lithium polymer batteries can be fully charged in one to two hours using a constant current and constant voltage charger rated at 4.2V.
8、Complete Model
Complete models, capacity, large size range can be designed according to customer needs. Single cell thickness can be 0.8 ~ 10mm, and capacity can be 40mAh ~ 20Ah.

Lithium Polymer Battery Related Problems

  • Q:What is a 3s 4s 5s LiPo?
    A:Polymer battery pack connects multiple cells in series and parallel, so as to improve the battery voltage and capacity. Series is S, parallel is P 3S LIPO means 3 polymer cells 4S LIPO means 4 polymer cells
  • Q:What does the 10C mean in Lipos? What is C rate anyway?
    A:The charge and discharge of a battery are measured in C ratios. Definition of 1C: If the battery capacity is 1000mAh, discharge 1C means discharging at 1000mA, discharge 10C means discharging at 1A.
  • Q:Types of lithium polymer battery
    A:Small size, high rate, super thin, fast charging, shaped polymer battery, etc.
  • Q:Are lithium polymer batteries safe?
    A:Polymer batteries are packed in aluminum-plastic films, which will expand or break as long as the internal pressure is slightly higher, but won’t cause an explosion.
  • Q:Are you factory or trading company?
    A:We are 20 years manufacturer of custom lithium battery pack in china.
  • Q:How long does lithium-ion battery sample make?
    A:Conventional battery sample delivery cycle is 15-20 days; Custom battery sample delivery cycle is 25-45 days;
  • Q:What is the minimum order for each order?
    A:Polymer battery ≤1500mAh, MOQ is 5000PCS Polymer battery > 1500mAh, MOQ 3000PCS Cylindric lithium battery MOQ ≥500 sets
  • Q:What trading terms do you usually use?
  • Q:How do you deliver the goods and how long does it take to arrive?
    A:For small quantity, it is usually shipped by DHL, EMS, UPS or FedEx. It tends to take 4~7 days to arrive. For large quantity shipments, air or sea transport is optional, and the time of shipment will depend on the port of destination.